FDI launched a new interactive tool for Partially Dentate Patients

April 30, 2023

FDI launched a new interactive tool for Partially Dentate Patients

In order to enable patients and assist them prepare for their dental consultations, FDI launched a new interactive tool as part of its Partially Dentate Patients project.

Because although there is a global increase in the willing of natural tooth retention and awareness about its importance as human gets old. However, still partial tooth loss can have a significant influence on an individual’s life, impacting many aspects from what they eat to their self-perception.

FDI states that: “Patients are invited to complete a comprehensive Needs and Preferences Questionnaire, which can be downloaded or sent directly to the dentist via email. By completing the questionnaire, patients can provide their dentist with a better understanding of their oral health status and needs, allowing for more personalized treatment recommendations.”

Furthermore, the platform also presents insights about the different treatment options available to partially dentate patients, in order to make them able to make (with their dentist) informed decisions about their treatment.

“By equipping individuals with the necessary tools and information, FDI hopes to improve patient outcomes and ensure that the best possible oral health and quality of life can be enjoyed by everyone”. FDI explains.


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