Bright Dent

Beyond your expectations

Bright Dent is a leading dental distribution company with its headquarter situated in Iraq/Erbil, which engages in the distribution and marketing of all categories of dental products and equipment supplies. Our products and services of multiple aspects are procured through rigorous care, and only from qualified, internationally recognized sources. We provide them for both public and private sectors, in addition to universities, dental laboratories, care centers, charities, and other healthcare institutions across Iraq.

One of the fastest growing dental companies

Bright Dent had a 1200% capital growth rate from 2017 to 2022


Established in 2017, Bright Dent is one of the fastest growing companies specialized in the marketing and distribution of broad range of dental products all over Iraq.


Aim to be number ONE in Iraq by 2025
Bright Dent Growth

Bright Dent has developed a reputation for excellence and currently markets its products in 19 provinces with the aim to provide products of uncompromising quality at an equitable price.

We are committed to applying science and international resources to improve health and well-being in every aspect of dentistry: dental biomaterials, implantology, dental laboratory supplies and devices, and wide-range of disposables, equipment and devices, and anesthesia.

Our Showroom and office


Bright Dent has the largest and most proffessional dental showroom across all Iraq
Our Expertise and standards


We operate at a high level of quality assurance, by complying with European and US-FDA guidelines of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which ensures that products storage and distribution are in a high quality. 

Bright Dent was founded in 2017 and is registered in the Ministry of Health and Chamber of Commerce. We have great pride in our tightly held values and our successful partnerships with many international/reputable manufacturers and brands across the world. Our team of professionals privilege more than 10 years of experience, and we are totally committed to continue our legacy of business ethics and professionalism for the up-coming years.


To supply outstanding products with the best value and quality to our customers.

Facilities and Business model
A Bridge from discovery to market
Bright Dent has left its mark in the Iraqi market as one of the most trustful companies and has a proven track record in keeping pace with the rapidly growing health care sector. It operates and markets its products all over Iraq through its central and regional business units.
Nation-wide collaboration with dental supply stories in almost all cities and towns in Iraq, with a team of experts and professional doctors, all ensures the best for the sale and marketing of our suppliers’ products. Successful cooperation with both public and private sectors, universities, dental laboratories, and dental centers.

More than 10 years of experience and a wide range of relationships across the country.

We give a large support to our customers by providing highest quality products at an equitable price with the utmost of standards and top services.

Our imported products are all compliant to international standards of quality and manufacturing practices.

Bright Dent also provides its team several trainings and rewardeds regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, and national origin.

Development Programs and Academy
Bright Dent also organizes and promote both local and international academic courses for dentists and university students in order to assist them in learning the latest scientific advances within the ever-changing world of technology and science.


Action that inspire trust, honesty, and confidence.


Efficiency and Commitment.


Highest quality products at best value.

Fostering an environment of trust by being reliable, consistent, and transparent.
Growth and development
Encouraging creativity and steady improvement.
Mission and Vision
Bright Dent Mission


To provide quality-assured original products and equipment at competitive prices to our community, in collaboration with our partners. We seek our customers’ consent, placing them at the top of our priority with an excellent standard services. Furthermore, we aim to support students at universities and promote continuous academic courses for doctors in order to have an impact on shaping a brighter future for our country and building innovative individuals that benefit humanity.

Bright Dent Mission


Continuous expansion, growing, brand exposure of our partner brands and becoming number one dental company in Iraq.