Time to act for better oral health in Iraq

July 30, 2023

Time to act for better oral health in Iraq

The Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe was launched as a joint initiative created to respond a Call to Action for Better Oral Health by EU, and the EFP also began the membership process in 2022.

The platform seeks to:

  • Encourage oral health and the prevention of oral diseases as a fundamental to good general health
  • Enhance the EU’s oral health policy, including incorporating oral health into relevant policies
  • Reduce oral health inequalities and challenges, especially among vulnerable populations.
  • Serve as a trusted resource of best practices, evidence-based information, and policy guidance on oral health.

This platform was created because the socio-economic burden of oral diseases in the EU was considered to be substantial. Through comparing with the oral health in Iraq and according to the studies, one can obviously conclude that the situation is much worser in Iraq, they affect most school-aged children and adults.

The health sector has been growing increasingly in the last decade in Iraq with many advancements, therefore it is time to also announce such platform in Iraq in order to more actively contribute towards a better oral health in Iraq. Together we can achieve so much more improvements.

The platform found that in Europe costs of traditional curative treatment continue to rise: “treatment expenditure exceeds that for other diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and dementia. This is extremely important to consider since much of the oral disease burden is preventable and such extra expenses can. Be avoided!


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