Focus on the use of collagen matrix in guided bone regeneration

May 29, 2022

Focus on the use of collagen matrix in guided bone regeneration

The question of whether using a collagen matrix increases dimensional stability when guided bone regeneration is carried out prior to implant placement is explored in the most recent issue of the EFP’s research summary JCP Digest.

In a prospective randomised clinical trial with 40 patients, the test group received a soft-type block bone in which the same synthetic biphasic calcium phosphate was embedded in a collagen matrix to improve its dimensional stability. The control group received a particulate synthetic biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP).

They discovered that, in comparison to the control group, the test group displayed superior dimensions of augmented hard tissue as soon as the wound was closed. Six months later, upon re-entry, there were no differences between the two groups.

They came to the conclusion that neither strategy offered a reliable alternative for fully resolving non-contained peri-implant bone defects.


Benic, G. I.,  Bienz, S. P.,  Song, Y. W.,  Cha, J.-K.,  Hämmerle, C. H. F.,  Jung, U.-W., &  Jung, R. E.(2022).  Randomized controlled clinical trial comparing guided bone regeneration of peri-implant defects with soft-type block versus particulate bone substitutes: Six-month results of hard-tissue changes. Journal of Clinical Periodontology,  49(5),  480–495.

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