A step forward to Navigated surgery

April 8, 2023

A step forward to Navigated surgery

Because navigated surgery can increase the predictability, safety, and success rates of these procedures, it is becoming a great area of interest in implant dentistry and other surgical procedures.

It can lead to better surgical outcomes, shorter procedure times, and lower risk of complications.

With a high degree of precision and accuracy, navigated surgery uses cutting-edge imaging and 3D mapping technologies to guide the placement of dental implants or other surgical procedures. A virtual 3D model of the patient’s oral cavity and the surrounding bone structure is typically created using specialized software.

The dentist or surgeon uses a handheld device during the procedure that has sensors and software built in. Through real-time navigation and manipulation, they can better plan and visualize the ideal placement and angle of the dental implant or other surgical instruments before making any adjustments.

The software creates a surgical guide or template after the plan is finalized, which can be utilized during the procedure to ensure that the implant or other surgical instruments are placed precisely and accurately.


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