The rise of regenerative dentistry

August 17, 2023

The rise of regenerative dentistry

In all medical specialties, including dentistry, regenerative medicine has attracted considerable interest and has been a hot topic since its inception. However, advances and innovations in basic research don’t always translate into routine clinical practice.

One of the most exciting advancements in dentistry may be dental regeneration. It focuses on using the body’s natural healing processes to restore the oral cavity’s natural function and appearance.

This might entail using stem cells to regenerate tissues like dentin, bone, and gum tissue or platelet-rich plasma therapy, which involves using the patient’s own blood plasma that has been enhanced with growth factors to promote tissue regeneration and healing.

A new and exciting area in dentistry is tissue engineering, a field that combines engineering and biological principles to restore and/or improve tissue function.

Tissue engineering has advanced significantly in dentistry as a result of the ongoing creation of new biomaterials for scaffolding and the growing understanding of the signals defining the dental niche.

Hundreds of clinical trials have been registered to wait for US Food and Drug Administration marketing approval as the majority of SC-based therapies have not yet been approved. In the coming years, gene editing, genetic reprogramming, and organoids technology all have the potential to completely transform the biomedical research field. It will also greatly enhance treatments for medical conditions with unmet medical needs.


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